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With the new Capital Goods Special from GRANIT.

This year’s GRANIT Capital Goods Special offers you numerous attractive opportunities to invest in the future of your business. With the items on offer, we demonstrate how to expand your business to cover important areas such as diagnostics, telematics, occupational safety and electromobility.


Every company in the agricultural sector faces the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of agricultural technology, for example by increasing efficiency and using machines correctly. Fleet management can be used to document parameters such as vehicle condition, fuel consumption, operating hours and locations. In combination with vehicle diagnostics, errors in the vehicle system are detected immediately. This enables proactive planning for maintenance and repairs, and saves time.

Occupational safety

Every year, serious injuries and fatal accidents occur in workshops in the agricultural and construction sectors while inflating lorry and agricultural tyres. With the inflation cages from Danish manufacturer Ahcon, inflating tyres up to 2200 x 1200 mm is fast, but above all safe. The use of naked flames is still a major risk in many agricultural machinery workshops. Not with the POWERDUCTION 160DC induction system from GYS. This system provides immediate heat output for targeted heating of steel or aluminium. With a continuous heat output of 16 kW, it is ideal for bodywork repairs. This will make work safe and help save time.


Prepare for this trend now with GRANIT, and invest in the right equipment such as the insulated tool set for hybrid and electric vehicles. With the GRANIT Academy, you also have access to practical training courses led by specialists.

Tyre technology

For professional tyre repairs, GRANIT not only offers equipment and consumables, but also the necessary training. A run-out inspection is required after repairing or changing a tyre, and in warranty cases almost all tyre manufacturers require a log to verify that this has been carried out. With the run-out inspection equipment from HAWEKA, tyre run-out can be optimised and recorded. This also protects your customers from potential risks as a result of uncontrollable rocking.

Check out the Capital Goods Special now, and take advantage of the opportunity to significantly reduce your tax bill. We also offer attractive leasing options when you invest just €2500.

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