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LED Lighting Special


New brochure sheds light on the subject of LED lighting

The GRANIT LED Lighting Special is more than just an offer for the darker months. This new brochure not only contains everything you need to know about our new and comprehensive range of LED lights. It also includes additional information that will help you and your customers choose the right lights every time.

Kelvin – the higher the value, the colder the light colour

The light colour is given in kelvin (K). There are three areas of colour perception: warm white (<3300 K), neutral white (3300-5000 K) and daylight (>5000 K). A light colour similar to daylight ensures that objects can be recognised and work areas monitored more easily.

Lumens – how much light does the light source radiate?

The lumen rating (lm) indicates how much light is radiated to all sides from a light source. The effective lumens indicated on GRANIT packaging refers to the light output that a work light can actually provide.

IP class – the higher the value, the greater the protection

One of the most common specifications for LED lighting is the IP class. It indicates the level of protection against the ingress of particles such as dust and water. The first number indicates the degree of protection against solids, the second number provides information about the degree of protection against moisture and water.

The new range clearly explained

In addition to helpful information, the LED Lighting Special from GRANIT also contains our entire LED range, including 28 new products. Each light is shown with the relevant pictograms showing key values and a light diagram. This together with our new packaging design means that you and your customers can now more easily analyse and compare items

before ordering or purchasing.

Find out more about LED lighting with the LED Lighting Special or online in the GRANIT webshop.

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