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Exhaust gas aftertreatment is becoming increasingly complex – the wide range of GRANIT products provides a remedy.

In recent years, the emission guidelines and emission standards have become much stricter for agricultural machinery. Where a few years ago there were no guidelines at all, today even small engines and very large machines are affected by the new Tier 5 emission standard. For machine manufacturers, this has resulted above all in a rapid further development of exhaust aftertreatment. Anyone who wants to register a tractor or even a self-propelled harvester up to 761 hp must comply with the current emissions standards. For this purpose, the equipment with an Ad-Blue system and a diesel particulate filter is mandatory.

With the help of these components, up to 98% of diesel engine emissions are to be reduced. They are making the exhaust tract of new engines more and more complex. Numerous sensors and valves monitor exhaust and nitrogen oxide levels and filter all exhaust gases at the same time. As a logical consequence, exhaust gas aftertreatment is also becoming more and more complicated. This is because as soon as a component in the exhaust tract no longer functions as intended by the engine, the engine power is throttled back or even fails completely.

No wonder, then, that this area is also becoming increasingly popular in your workshops and in the specialist trade. At GRANIT you will find all the components you need for exhaust aftertreatment at your customers‘ premises. From various sensors and EGR valves to exhaust gas coolers, conveyor modules and injection valves. Here we offer you top quality products from our own brand GRANIT for numerous tractor brands and models at a top price-performance ratio. With the GRANIT Ad-Blue supply unit, for example, we can supply you with the basic components for the Ad-Blue system. Only the transport of the Ad-Blue urea solution to the injection nozzle enables the subsequent reduction of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases. These can then be converted into nitrogen and water and make an
important contribution to meeting current exhaust gas standards.

In our catalogue 3 „Engine“ you will find all spare parts around
the Ad-Blue system and exhaust aftertreatment on pages 4-69. Of
course you can also find the products in the GRANIT webshop at

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