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GRANIT for fast air conditioning system diagnosis directly in the field.

Modern agricultural machines are now all equipped with air conditioning to make working on hot days bearable. However, if the air conditioning fails partially or even completely on such days, a quick and meaningful fault diagnosis by the service technician directly on site is required so that work does not have to be interrupted any longer than necessary.

Three factors in particular play an important role in error analysis:

  1. Pressure
  2. Temperature
  3. State of aggregation

For the determination of the state of aggregation and the visual inspection
of the liquid air-conditioning gas and compressor oil, we offer you the diagnostic sight glass from CGS, an easy-to-use aid that provides quick results.

The CGS diagnostic sight glass is connected to the running air conditioner,
with liquid refrigerant with oil being taken from the service port of the high
pressure section. The inflowing medium can be used to make an initial
assessment of the status of the air conditioning system. If there is no liquid
A/C gas or very little inflow, this is an indication that the A/C system is
underfilled or completely drained.

With a little routine, the measurement with the diagnostic sight glass from
CGS can be performed in about 5 minutes. The result allows you to estimate
the work and resources required and provide a realistic cost estimate based
on facts to the customer.

Ask our GRANIT experts for information on this simple air conditioning
system diagnosis. You can find further testing and diagnostic tools for air
conditioning technology and air conditioning service units in the GRANIT

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