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Products from the world’s leading battery care experts now available from GRANIT

The seasonal nature of agricultural work means that not all equipment and machines are used regularly. But when they are needed, it’s important that everything works straight away. Agricultural machinery with a dead battery costs time and money. Deep discharge can occur as a result of long downtimes, or increased strain on the battery due to increasingly complex on-board technology. Optimum battery care is therefore essential to ensure that machines function all year round. To help your customers choose the right battery charger and power supply, we are pleased to offer a range of powerful and long-lasting products from CETEK.

Products from the world’s leading battery care experts are not only award-winning, but extend the life of agricultural machinery, maximise battery performance and increase operating efficiency. CTEK chargers not only charge the battery before use, they also ensure that the charge is maintained for longer periods. These robust and weather-resistant chargers are ideal for use with 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries and 12 V lithium batteries. They are fully automated, easy to operate and enable fast, safe charging tailored to the user’s individual needs. The RECOND programme can be used to restore even deeply discharged batteries.

Your customers will be thrilled when their machines start up on the first try thanks to efficient charging.
Find out more about CTEK chargers in the GRANIT webshop.

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