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GRANIT adds bypass filters to its range for more reliable hydraulics.

Work in the field depends on a functioning hydraulic system. In tractors, however, these are particularly susceptible to soiling and thus to problems. This occurs on these machines due to the naturally dusty and dirty operating conditions. Uncoupled agricultural machines often get dirty when they are waiting in the field to be used during the harvesting season and contaminate the oil in the hydraulic circuit when they are coupled. Furthermore, dirt particles also get into the oil due to the wet brake system of many tractors.

The dirty oil in the hydraulic system causes dropouts during operation, poorly closing valves or even sudden machine failures. With the bypass filters from NTF you can finally offer your customers a solution to these familiar problems. In this way, you help your customers not only to prevent breakdowns even with new machines, but also to avoid warranty problems with the manufacturers. In addition, you benefit from an additional service whose price-performance ratio will absolutely satisfy your customers.

The NTF bypass filters are mounted on the rear axle of the tractor and continuously clean the oil in the hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic fluids are cleaned by the filter of the Dutch manufacturer down to 0.2 micrometers and with an efficiency of 99.97%. Direct filtration thus ensures consistently clean oil. Among many other advantages, this leads to fewer breakdowns, improved performance and a longer machine life.

Learn more about the NTF bypass filters in the GRANIT web shop and convince yourself of the reliability of our new problem solver.

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