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GRANIT Expands its Range to include Products for Grape Harvesters and Viticulture Accessories

Viticulture plays an important role in agriculture and has been undergoing many changes in recent years. Due to climate change, cultivation areas are shifting considerably towards the north, so that new ones are emerging and cultivation in other areas is becoming increasingly demanding due to heat and drought. In addition, in many regions grape varieties have to be changed to adapt to the climatic conditions. Furthermore, the worldwide export volume for wine has more than doubled in the last 20 years, while production volume has remained the same, which has led to an increase in the prices of many wines, some of which have increased significantly. The cultivation of wine thus offers farmers throughout Europe great opportunities. In order to meet the needs of specialist dealers in wine-growing areas, we have extended the GRANIT range to include products for the wine industry.

From now on you will find spare parts for your Gregoire, New Holland Braud or Pellenc grape harvester. Here we offer you a wide range of sheds, shaker bars, conveyor buckets and other accessories. Our viticulture program is supplemented by parts for the care of lower vines and soil cultivation. Here you will find, for example, hammer mallets, milling knives and disc wheels suitable for brands such as Clemens, Braun, Fischer, Sauerburger and Willibald and many other articles especially for the viticulture. Accessories for pruning as well as hand shears and wire connectors are of course also available in the GRANIT web shop.

Plant protection plays an important role in viticulture. That is why we offer you a suitable range of products from manufacturers such as Arag and Braglia for this area. The high-pressure range for use in room cultures is also not neglected with suitable pumps, fittings, nozzles and other accessories. In addition, you will also be able to purchase products for bird and game protection in the GRANIT web shop in the future.

Due to climate changes, irrigation is also becoming increasingly important in viticulture. It is precisely for this application area that we have chosen Netafim’s irrigation solution. With its sophisticated system, which can be laid above or below ground, the Israeli world market leader in drip irrigation ensures efficient irrigation in line with demand, especially for permanent crops. Regardless of the soil and terrain, you can always supply your plants with the right amount of water, while at the same time using it sparingly. This means that in future you will receive more income with less effort and lower costs.

Please contact us or visit the GRANIT web shop to find out more about our new range.

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