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Soiled cabin filters can affect health, GRANIT has the solution.

Air conditioners not only provide a welcome cool-down when working in
the field in summer. A further advantage is the filtering of the outside air
before it enters the vehicle interior. Depending on the type, the filters in the
air conditioning system remove not only suspended particles such as pollen
and dust, but also bad odours and pollutants and gases, i.e. nitrogen oxides
and ozone, from the air.

Due to the very dusty environment, these cabin filters are particularly important in agriculture. But how often do your customers ask you to change this filter? Very few people know the performance of the cab filters in their machines and that only regular replacement within the usual service interval helps to maintain the function of the filter.

A soiled cabin filter not only reduces the dust filter performance and pollutant reduction, but also becomes a long-term hazard in case of heavy soiling. Because in this case, dirt particles, pollutants and gases enter the cabin directly. This is not only stressful for pollen allergy sufferers, but can also trigger diseases.

With GRANIT you can offer your customers a wide range of cabin filters
for every air conditioning system and every application. Cabin filters from
GRANIT are a low-cost and high-quality alternative to brand products in
this respect. With Panclean, however, we also have a proven expert in the
field of cabin filters in our product range. The manufacturer specialising in
cabin filters supplies the matching filters directly to the assembly line as an
original equipment manufacturer for many tractor brands. Especially the
activated carbon filters from Panclean are highly recommended for use in
agriculture. They have been specially developed for use with pesticides and
protect against dust, pollen, odours, exhaust fumes and chemicals, as they
occur when using liquid manure technology and plant protection.

With GRANIT you can help your customers to protect themselves optimally
from harmful particles at work. You can find our cabin filters in the product
range overview under the category „Filters“.

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