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Generation Change in CB Radio


Changes in road traffic regulations – No problem with GRANIT

Since July 1, a new road traffic regulation has been in force in Germany for the use of radios in vehicles. Under Section 23(1a), with immediate effect, electronic equipment used for communication purposes, for example, may no longer be picked up or held while driving. For operation, only a quick glance at the device is allowed or the use of a voice control and read aloud function is permitted. The classic CB radios with hand microphone in tractors and trucks are now a thing of the past. Support your customers now in converting their vehicles with hands-free kits and modern CB radios from Stabo.

Stabo CB radios provide your customers with state-of-the-art radios. The hands-free systems are equipped with the patented VOX function. It allows the devices to be controlled by voice. Speech recognition also ensures that the microphone is automatically switched on as soon as sounds hit the microphone. This allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel, which ensures greater safety on the road and in the field.

In the GRANIT web shop you will find different versions of Stabo’s VOX radios. With the 3004, your customers get an easy-to-use standard device with a tidy display and handy channel selector switch. The 3006 CB radio also has a USB port. The sensitivity of the VOX function is adjustable on this unit, so that it is more or less sensitive to noise. In addition to the functions already described, the professional 3008 is equipped with an XL multifunction display, a switchable noise cancelling button, hi-cut filter and microphone amplifier. With this Stabo CB radio, your customers can set up communication exactly the way they need it.

If your customers already have a CB radio with a hand-held microphone, you will also find what you are looking for here. The Stabo voxmic 104 CB hands-free car kit simply replaces the hand-held microphone and can be connected directly to the microphone socket of the radio. The integrated VOX function then also allows hands-free operation of the radio without having to replace it completely.

Discover the new generation of CB radio with GRANIT now.

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