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More reliable, more powerful and more versatile


The latest battery technology from GRANIT

Only a few years ago, battery acid levels had to be checked regularly and distilled water added where necessary. This traditional wet battery is now considered obsolete. Various modern batteries are better able to meet the increased demands of agricultural and construction machinery. Maintenance-free batteries use a lead-calcium alloy (Pb-Ca) for the positive and negative mesh. This is why they are also called calcium-calcium batteries (Ca/Ca or Ca+/Ca-). The calcium increases the mechanical strength and ensures low water consumption, meaning that refilling is no longer necessary.

Our ENDURANCE LINE starter batteries are a versatile range of batteries with state-of-the-art technology. Maintenance-free batteries can be divided into two groups: wet batteries and VRLA batteries. While wet batteries contain a liquid electrolyte, VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries are equipped with a bound electrolyte that prevents the battery from leaking. Maintenance-free batteries are also classified into four categories. The following are particularly relevant for agricultural and construction machinery: SLI, EFB and AGM.

SLI (starting, lights, ignition) – economical, tried and tested:

The SLI wet battery is a traditional starter battery. The name comes from the main function of a battery: starting, lights, ignition. This type of battery is suitable for agricultural and construction machinery with a moderate number of electrical consumers.

EFB (enhanced flooded battery) – long service life and numerous charging cycles:

The EFB battery is an optimised version of the wet battery with enhanced performance. Unlike the traditional SLI wet battery, it is often used in machines with higher energy requirements. It contains a mixing element that prevents acid stratification at low charge. This improves the starting characteristics at low charge as well as the charge absorption, and increases the cycle stability. A fleece layer protects the lead plate, thereby ensuring maximum vibration resistance.

AGM (absorbent glass mat) – high capacity and performance:

The AGM battery is a type of VRLA battery. The electrolyte is bound in a special glass fleece, making it leak-proof and gas-tight. This is a powerful battery with very good cold start properties, and is always recommended when operating auxiliary heating and air conditioning systems. It can also be installed at an angle and is insensitive to vibrations.

All ENDURANCE LINE starter batteries can be found in the GRANIT webshop.

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