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New GRANIT Forestry Mulcher Tools


Opening up a wide range of customers with GRANIT forestry mulcher tools and the “Forest Investment Programme”

Forest mulching is becoming more and more important. The machines are used in agriculture, forestry, construction and road building. For many contractors, forest mulching is also becoming an increasingly important source of income during the forestry season, as agricultural work comes to a virtual standstill during this period. The “Investment Programme Forest” of the German Federal Government now supports investments in digitisation and technology for sustainable forest management with 40% of the investment sum. The list of eligible machines also includes some 400 different forestry mulchers. As a result, the demand for spare and wear parts will also increase sharply from next year onwards.

With the GRANIT range of tools for forestry mulchers from the manufacturers AHWI/ PRINOTH, FAE and SEPPI, you will thus be able to open up an ever broader field of customers.

Bushes or tree stumps can be removed above ground with forestry mulchers. The wood is shredded and the milled green waste is mixed with the soil in one operation. In this way, individual roots or entire areas are simply cleared without incurring disposal costs.

Forest mulchers are used in the recultivation of agricultural land and in plantation management. These machines are also used when clearing land or grubbing up as a result of infrastructure measures. Traditionally, forestry mulchers are also used for maintaining routes and creating skid trails.

The drought of recent years caused major damage, including heavy beetle infestation, especially in coniferous woods. For this reason, forestry mulchers are increasingly used today for the removal of beetle wood.

Our GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE forestry mulcher tools are characterized by the highest quality “Made in Germany”. A forged body with hardened wear parts allows for maximum service life. Special hard metal types and geometries for an optimum result The innovative design ensures better shredding properties.

Thanks to the tested fitting accuracy, your customers always receive the right product for their machine.

If you still can’t find the right tool for yourself and your customers in the GRANIT web shop, please contact us. We will procure many other tools for you at short notice, suitable for the above manufacturers and other brands, such as TMC CANCELA, VENTURA, NIUBO, SCHMIDT MASCHINENBAU, PLAISANCE, PTH, PICURSA and HARDER.

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