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With GRANIT you offer new test equipment for harvesting and agriculture in time for the start of the season.

In just a few weeks, the harvest will be ready to start. It is impossible
to imagine the field without different measuring instruments. This allows the ideal harvest time to be predicted and soil analyses to be carried out with simple means. With the products from GRANIT, you offer your customers the perfect support for harvesting and agriculture.

For example, our measuring instruments help to calculate the perfect
time for the grain harvest. You can obtain various grain moisture meters
from the Danish manufacturer Supertech. The company specialises
in the analysis of grain and offers the Superpro and C-Pro, compact
pocket-sized moisture meters. Both instruments have a built-in grinding mechanism. The samples are ground and pressed in a single step,
which allows the most accurate information about the water content
of the grain in a measuring range between 5 and 50 %. By means of a
digital display, different grain types can be selected and new types can
be retrofitted. Automatic temperature compensation also takes place
during the measurement.

A special app has also been developed for the C-Pro moisture meter
from Supertech, with which the measured values can be monitored
even more easily and effectively. You can create location, time, images
and notes for each sample and track them later. This means that in future
the data will be easier to understand and interpret. Your customers will
never miss the right harvest time for top quality grain again.

After the harvest is before the harvest: For this reason, you should also
advise your customers to use a penetrometer to determine soil density. With the GRANIT measuring instrument under the order number
1803200270, soil compaction caused by driving heavy equipment into
the fields can be diagnosed quickly and easily to prevent damaging

In the GRANIT webshop you will find numerous test equipment as well
as all other spare parts and accessories for the harvest.

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