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Water – The oil of the 21st century


Spare parts and accessories for the irrigation of your fields can be found at GRANIT

The extreme periods of drought in recent years have shown that water is an extremely valuable resource worldwide. Due to the drought in summer, the fields in particular suffer and the farmers’ yields are now regularly lower. In order to save harvests, different irrigation solutions are currently a very important issue in agriculture. For this reason, we have significantly expanded the GRANIT range in this area in recent months.

We offer you various systems which, depending on the area of application, terrain, type of culture and investment volume, always provide your customers with the right solution. From efficient drip irrigation for permanent crops to the irrigation technology popular in agriculture for the area-wide irrigation of fields, help us help your customers with this important but consultation-intensive question.

In the field of irrigation technology, we have only recently included Elcos control systems in our product range. With these systems from the Italian manufacturer, irrigation pumps can be easily monitored and controlled. No matter whether your customers use a discarded tractor to drive the irrigation system or always want to be informed via app about their field irrigation.

With all Elcos control systems, the sprinkler systems can be individually adjusted and they also ensure that the motors that operate the pumps and sprinklers automatically switch off in the event of a fault or defect. This way, your customers prevent major damage and water more efficiently in the future by saving fuel.

The control unit CIM-137 is the premium model of the Italians. With it, mobile control via app is possible. This allows your customers to monitor and even adjust the fuel level, cooling water temperature, engine speed and water pressure at any time and from anywhere. If an error occurs, the system immediately informs its users via a push notification. Of course, you can also get a smaller control solution in the GRANIT web shop, which can be connected to any motor. The CEM-380 monitors the irrigation system as efficiently as the premium solution without app connection. With the CTR-087/0S, your customers can even manually control the engine of older tractors to upgrade their existing irrigation solution.

Inform yourself in our web shop and become an irrigation expert with GRANIT PARTS.

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