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Your vehicles at a glance


New My vehicles function in the GRANIT webshop

Do you want to work as efficiently as possible, save time and see your customers’ vehicles at a glance? Then the new My vehicles function in the GRANIT webshop is just the thing for you. This feature will make it much easier to search for the right replacement parts as the vehicles you see frequently can be made available in your personal garage in the GRANIT webshop. This will make it even easier and, above all, faster to find the right replacement parts in future.

My vehicles in settings

An overview of your vehicles can be found under My GRANIT. You have the option of adding new vehicles or displaying all the vehicles already saved. You can also see suitable parts for each vehicle by clicking on the replacement parts symbol. You can also edit or delete your vehicles here.

My vehicles in the item search

After entering a search term into the search bar, you can select a vehicle from your vehicle list. Only products that are suitable for your vehicle will then be displayed. You also have the option of adding a new vehicle here. This will allow you to quickly and easily filter products for certain vehicles without first having to use the Make/model search.

My vehicles in the Make/model search

If you want to display suitable products for a vehicle using the Make/model search, you can now select your saved vehicles directly. This is done via the drop-down menu. All the vehicles that have already been added will be displayed. Click on the desired vehicle to select (or add a new one), and the products for that vehicle will then be displayed.

With My vehicles you can easily get an overview of the machines you see most frequently. You can save an unlimited number of vehicles in the GRANIT webshop. With the help of individual names you can distinguish between your saved vehicles when searching for replacement parts.

Check out the new My vehicles function in the GRANIT webshop and GRANIT app now!

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