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GRANIT offers a range of products for upgrading to the ISOBUS standard.

Nowadays the subject is on everyone’s lips is precision farming. With the help of precision farming, day-to-day agricultural work can be made more efficient. By using data and satellite navigation, your customers can cultivate fields faster and create ideal growing conditions at the same time. The ISOBUS standard makes it easier to connect tractors and implements from different manufacturers. But what if your customers just want to upgrade their existing implements? GRANIT has the right product for you.

With the b-ISOBUS IO Gateway from b-plus, your customers can easily upgrade implements to the ISOBUS standard that either use a different interface or do not have any precision farming functionality at all. This means that your customers can easily connect modern tractors or terminals with older implements, and still take advantage of the many benefits offered by the latest technology.

Version A of the b-ISOBUS IO Gateway from German hardware and system development expert b-plus has up to five freely parametrisable inputs for reading sensors and switching elements, plus six freely parametrisable outputs for controlling valves and motors or for switching headlights. It offers all Virtual Terminal client and AUX-N functionalities. The Gateway solution consists of a small AEF-certified controller and the ISO 11783 compatible b-ISOBUS stack. The larger C version of the Gateway has twelve sections, six of which can be used as freely parametrisable outputs. The Gateway is also available with Task Controller client functionality known as Section Control.

If you have any questions about precision farming, our GRANIT experts will be happy to help. Get in touch to see how we can support your business.

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