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A safe start to the new year


Invest in equipment for operational and warehouse safety with GRANIT

Accidents on the job can happen quickly. Impatience, misjudgement or even gross negligence are common causes of property damage or even injury in the agricultural machinery trade and in the workshop. Equip your company with high-quality protective equipment now, and ensure the safety of your goods and your employees.

Working safely at height

Self-propelled working platforms are extremely practical for working at height, but not every company wants to make such an investment. One reason is that they are unsuitable for rough terrain. The use of tractors, forklifts or wheel loaders as lifting equipment is only safe and recommended if you use a TÜV-approved working platform that has been approved for transporting people by the DGVU.

Compared to a self-propelled lift, this is an extremely cost-effective alternative. With the BAUER Südlohn working platform for forklifts (now available from GRANIT), you can make your machines a safe place to work even at height. Equipped with anti-slip protection, circumferential mesh guards and a non-slip working platform, you and your employees can go about your work with peace of mind. BAUER Südlohn is a certified German manufacturer, and their working platform (which is approved for two people) is extremely versatile as it can be picked up on both sides.

Minimal effort, big impact

We’ve all seen the videos. A forklift driver isn’t paying attention, the forklift hits a shelf’s load-bearing post while reversing and the entire shelving unit suddenly collapses. Not only is major property damage extremely annoying, but the risk to the driver and anyone present is significant.

To prevent similar accidents in your warehouse, the GRANIT product management team recommends purchasing a collision protection system. Together with the manufacturers META and DANCOP, we can offer you a wide range of impact protection corners and shelf protection systems with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. This way you can achieve great things with limited resources.

Ensure the safety of yourself and your employees this year by investing in products for warehouse and operational safety. Further information can be found in the GRANIT webshop.

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